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Is Sterling Silver good quality?
The added metals in sterling silver make it an incredibly durable material — even stronger than gold. In addition to its lightweight, this quality makes it an ideal choice for jewelry that can be worn daily or often.

What does 925 stand for?
The 925 stamp indicates that the piece of jewelry you're holding has been created with sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy that is made of 92.5% actual silver, with the rest of the metal made up of base metals like copper.

What is Gold Filled?
Gold filled is jewelry composed of either sterling silver or brass as a base metal that is mechanically bonded to a solid layer of gold, typically constituting at least 5% of the piece's total weight. 

When will my order ship?
Each product listing shows specific production times or will be marked ready to ship. Overall, please allow up to 2- 3 weeks production time as each piece is made to order. Once the piece is ready to ship you will receive an email with tracking information. 

How do I care for my new piece of jewelry? 
We have an entire page dedicated to jewelry care! Click here ....

What is my ring size?
You can walk into any jewelry store and ask to get your finger sized for free! If this is not an option you can also measure your ring size using either a string or floss. Wrap the string or floss around the base of your finger, marking were it first overlaps with a pen. Then line that up with a ruler and take down it's length in millimeters. You can use the chart below to find your ring size. 

Credit: Alexey Bezrodney/ Getty Images

Can you make 1/4 ring sizes?
Yes! Just include your correct size in the *notes* box before checkout. 

Do you ship to...?
Yes! We ship worldwide. 

Is my order insured?
Yes, up to $100. If you'd like the rest of your order insured don't hesitate to contact us at admin@miraizjewelry.com